16 Ideas on how to Upcycle and Repurpose your Household Items

Are you one of those people that hates to throw everything away and you know you can find another purpose for that old broken item that's been collecting dust? We're the same here at Budget Storage Calgary, we love the idea taking something broken and adding new life to it in some creative way.

Here's a list of 21 fun ideas on how to repurpose or reuse some of your household items.

1. Make a Birdbath with Cracked Planters and Plates

Use those cracked terra cotta planters and those broken or cracked plates to create a beautiful birdbath for your garden. You can use planters of different sizes so if you have several that are damaged, this is a great way to repurpose them. You just have to paint tremor use some of your broken china plates to add mosaic tiles to make them a bit unique and then assemble. You will love putting those cracked plates and planters to better use and the birds will love you for it as well.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Patriciaspots

2. Make Two Desks from one Broken Table

If you have a kitchen table that is scratched, broken or otherwise damaged or one that you just don’t really need any longer, don’t throw it out. Instead, use it to create two adorable wall desks that are sure to be a hit at your home. You don’t really need the very center of the table so this is a great project for tables that are really damaged in the middle. You simply cut the end sections off, paint or stain them and then affix them to the wall.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Migonishome

3. Make New Crayons from Broken Ones

Instead of tossing those broken crayons, make new rainbow crayons from them. This is such a simple project and the kids are going to absolutely adore these rainbow crayons. You need a few tin cans, empty prescription bottles or those little plastic canisters that film comes in and a few broken crayons. You basically melt the crayons in the tin cans (make sure to thoroughly clean them first) and then pour into the bottles until they set. The crayons are the perfect size and you can do them in as many colors as you want – depending on how many broken crayons you have.

4. Turn an Old Dresser into a Cozy Bench

I love everything about this furniture makeover project! The instructions are simple and if you can manage to get one of these old dressers for cheap this is a must do project!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Grillo Designs

5. Make Lights from Broken Globes

Has your globe come apart at the seams? If it has, and you don’t want to or can’t glue it back together, use it to create these really unique lights instead. These are great for kids’ rooms or you could even have them in the kitchen if you wanted. They are functional and educational at the same time. You can paint the insides a contrasting color before you mount the lights to really make them stand out or just leave them their natural color. Either way, these lights are sure to spark a conversation.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Instructables

6. Turn Broken Jewelry Into New Pieces

You can take broken jewelry pieces and put them together to create stunning bangle and cuff bracelets, and it really doesn’t take that long. Just take your broken jewelry and a few jewelry making tools if you have them (if you don’t, they’re really inexpensive at your local craft store). You can make unique and very creative pieces that match your style or create something special to give away as a gift. There is no need to throw out those old costume jewelry pieces when they’re broken. Just make something completely new with them.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Hellohydrangea

7. Turn Broken Chairs Into Lawn Swings

A chair that has lost its legs is utterly useless in the dining room but it could be perfect for the lawn – when you make it into a swing that is. You can take old chairs and simply paint them, add some hardware and hang them from the porch or a large tree in your yard. This is a great idea for anyone who has a few dining chairs that they are considering throwing out because the legs are not sturdy. Just turn them all into swings, paint them different bright colors and decorate your lawn with them.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Instructables

8. Turn A Broken Bicycle Into a Pot and Pan Rack

You don’t need the entire bicycle for this project, just the wheel. Bicycle wheels are the perfect size for hanging pots and pans and because they are round, you can create a turntable type rack from them so your pots and pans will always be easy to access. You just have to attach the hanging hardware to the wheel so that you can affix it to the ceiling. Then add the hooks for your pots and pans. This makes good use of broken bicycles and gives you a bit of organization in the kitchen.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Numinationavenue

9. Turn Broken Ladders Into Bookshelves

Broken ladders are certainly not something that you want to continue to use. If you have an old wooden ladder that is simply not safe for use any longer, don’t instantly throw it out. Instead, take it apart and use the two sections as matching bookshelves. You can create a great rustic look with those old ladder sections and either hang them on the wall or just sit them up against the wall (assuming that you sturdy them up, of course). Each ladder rung will hold books, collectibles or just about anything else you need on there.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Numinationavenue

10. Repurpose A Broken Piano Into A Workbench

Have an old piano that no longer works? If you are thinking of sending it to the landfill, don’t. You can use it to create a bit of storage and organization instead. An old upright piano is the perfect size and shape for a hidden workbench. You will have to remove some of the hardware from inside the piano to make room for tools and such but this is great for garages or workshops and much less expensive than going out and buying a bench. Plus, the piano bench works great for storing books and magazines.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Chaoticallycreative

11. Turn A Broken Computer Monitor Into An Aquarium

This one takes a bit of work but it is completely worth it, particularly if you are someone who really enjoys technology. You can hollow out that monitor and make a wonderful fish tank from it instead of sending it to the dump. Kids will absolutely adore fish in a computer monitor and it’s relatively small (depending on the size of the monitor) so it takes up very little room. Note that this is for older type monitors. You can’t really do this one with a flat screen monitor.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Instructables

12. Build Picture Frames From Broken Mini Blinds

Old mini blinds that are no longer fit to hang aren’t necessarily trash. You can take those blinds and create picture frames in a number of sizes and colors. No matter what material your blinds are made of, you can make beautiful frames for your favorite pictures that are unique and will help you to save money on buying frames for those prints. You just have to measure the pictures that you want to frame so that you have an idea of how many pieces of the blind you need. Then just stack and staple the pieces together to create your frame.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Domesticimperfection

13. Use Torn Jeans to make them into a Cool Purse

Have a lot of old torn up jeans you don't use anymore, a great idea is to cut strips out and use them to sew a cool and funky new purse. If you want to add in different colours dye them or add some of your old broken jewelry or buttons for fun embellishments. There is a ton of cute designs you find on Pinterest.

14. Turn Broken Shutters Into Garden Holders

A broken shutter and some mason jars give you the perfect materials to create a little mini garden for the home or yard. You just have to clean up the shutter, paint if you want and then add the mason jars which are held in place with hot glue. If you are planning to add heavier plants, use clamps. You can cover them up with twine or ribbon. This is great for a kitchen herb garden and keeps you from having to haul those old shutters off to the dump.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Sheknows

15. Turn A Broken Bed Into A Bench

This is a great project for dressers that have several broken drawers. While you may want a couple of the drawers to work properly for use on the bottom, the rest of the dresser is basically removed to create the bench. You can then use the bench at the foot of your bed or even on a deck if you need additional outdoor seating. Paint or stain any color and create something that perfectly matches your existing furniture. This is an easy project that will take you less than a day to complete and keeps you from throwing out that broken dresser.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Myrepurposedlife

16. Create Storage From Torn Books

While you may balk at the thought of tearing up your old books, if you have any that are already torn then this is a great project. You simply hollow out those hold books and use them to store your belongings. You leave the outside intact so when you add them to your bookshelves, they look like real books. You can use them to store items safely out of view and they are really easy to make. You can do one at a time or create a little nook with several book covers.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Sewingbarefoot

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