7 Fun Recycle Household Furniture Projects

Hate your current furniture and you want something fresh without having to pay a ton of money? Or maybe you’re looking for a new career creating fun and funky pieces for other people. Here are a few recycle furniture projects you can learn to do yourself or maybe these will inspire you to come up with something new.

1. Have a lot of old tires that you don’t know what to do with? Here are a number of great ideas, everything from planters to chairs.

Blog by Minimalisti http://bit.ly/2aQcPrE

2. Need some outdoor furniture then try using some pallets to create some beautiful and useful furniture pieces

Content provided by 1001 Pallets http://bit.ly/2aQleLC

3. Like many of us you may have a ton of old cd’s and cd cases here’s some creative ideas for lamps and building a greenhouse.

Old CD’s Content provided by EarthPorm http://bit.ly/17yl2xV

Old CD Cases Blog provided by So You Think Your Crafty http://bit.ly/1ENwvVk

4. Got your furniture from a thrift store or second hand? Maybe give it a paint job to breath back life into your pieces and match your décor. Here’s some great before and after images of painted furniture projects thanks to the people on Pintrest.


5. If you’re like my mother who uses new technology kicking and screaming, that is except her iPad mind you, then you probably have a ton of VHS tapes. Tapes are difficult to recycle if you’re environmentally conscious so what other options can you do? Well why not make a craft project out of them.

Ideas provided by Mental Floss http://bit.ly/1GvSEw8

6. Mirror, Mirror on the wall at the moment you’re not the fairest of them all. Check out some of the ideas to take your boring mirror and turn it into a cool piece of art for your wall.

Content provided by http://bit.ly/2aECCnG

7. And here’s some ideas to reuse some of your trash, oops I mean collections for some of you and turn them into something useful.

Ideas shown in ViralNova  http://bit.ly/1GvSEw8

See these no reason to get rid of your old junk, just recycle it or rent a Calgary storage unit from Budget Storage and when you’re ready to create that next great art project you have all the design materials saved in an affordable, clean and safe storage facility.

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