7 Tips to Save Money and Stress During the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner and this can be a time of joy and happiness or extreme stress and anxiety. Usually holidays remind us of Turkey, Stuffing ,Santa Claus, toys, happy smiling faces, lights, holly, wreaths, decorations, Christmas trees and family visits from near and far.

In this months tips and tricks I've given you the gift of 7 tips that can help de-stress, reorganize and get those creative juices flowing for a holiday season that will have your family and friends wondering how you did it without even breaking a sweat.

1. Minimize stress by making a holiday checklist

My husband always makes fun of my lists but if you can’t seem to remember what you bought or plan on buying your Uncle Dermot then a list can keep you organized. Plus if you are flying back home to see your family but always feel like you’re forgetting something, a list will keep you on track. This holiday make a checklist of everything you want to accomplish. You can even add a timeline to better prepare and even if you don’t finish it you’ll know what you can cut out for next year!

2. Put yourself on a budget and STICK TO IT!

Sometimes the biggest headache with the holidays is spending over your limit especially when everyone is feeling the crunch from the recession. A few ways to manage this is to set yourself a spending limit on each person you want to buy for or only carry as much cash as you want to spend and leave your credit and debit cards at home.

A great idea to help everyone save money this year is to do secret santa with your family so your only buying one present and not 10!

3. Clear out your spare bedroom and clutter by using a storage unit.

If you live in a small place without much storage and your spare room is your junk room it can start to up the anxiety levels when you're trying to figure out where to store all your items and your guests. Plus you want your home to look nice for your visitors and finding a spot for the tree can be difficult if every nook and cranny of your home or apartment is filled with stuff. Easy solution is finding an affordable self storage unit where you can move your clutter and extra stuff during the holiday season. At Budget Storage Calgary we offer a range of storage unit sizes all at a low cost and if you sign up for six months you get one month for free plus up to 20% off our normal prices. All our units are indoors, heat controlled and have 24/7 security so you know your items will be safe while their at our storage facility.

4. Save money by using Christmas cards as gift tags

All you need is scissors, a hole punch and some string and you can cut out pictures from old Christmas cards or a cheap set of 20 and use them to label your gifts! Some cards will have multiple characters on them so you can stretch them double or triple as far. Use glitter and other punch outs to spice up the designs if you feel festive!

5. Save money with Do it Yourself Gifts

A lot of us are watching our pennies this year and a good way to keep your costs down while also giving a very special gift is to do some DIY christmas presents. Many of you are already familiar with Pinterest the pin board based social media website that allows users to “pin” pictures from all over the web on to personal boards. If you spot something you think will make a brilliant christmas gift such as painted wine glasses, revamping old furniture into something new, etc.. You can find a ton of how to guides on making those gifts yourself on Pinterest which I personally think people will appreciate more than a store bought gift.

6. Cyber Monday

Almost as popular now as Black Friday, Cyber Monday has become just as big a sale day. Don’t miss massive savings offered online the Monday after Black Friday. This way you don't have to deal with tons of people who are after the same item which can cause more stress rather than relieving it.

7. Organize, Protect, Store – Just a few tips to storing ornaments and lights

Wrapping ornaments in discarded tissue paper from opened gifts helps minimize waste and protect your precious bulbs. Storing ornaments in an ornaments box, well-padded wine box or egg cartons can help them last longer and protect during storage. Coil lights around a reel or reuse that empty coffee can to keep from untangling pesky lights every year.

Storage facilities are also a great place to store your seasonal items when you're done using them. So once you are finished with the holidays take a look around the house and see if it makes sense to leave those extra items and clutter out of the way where you an easily find them in a storage unit instead cluttering up your living space again.

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