8 Tips on how to organize your Storage Unit

Being able to organize your belongings in a self-storage unit is an important part of utilizing the storage space. If done correctly and efficiently it allows you to easily grab at the stuff you may need later on, however if you do it haphazardly – then you’re on your own! What’s surprising is that most people don’t realize it when they rent out a storage unit when they just start piling up stuff, the space isn’t used optimally, your belongings get buried on top of each other and not to mention they may get damaged as well.

Needless to say if you have shoved everything in without rhyme or reason – it wastes time and space and can be dangerous as well. So – we thought we’d take you through a few simple steps to ensure that doesn’t happen.


A general rule of thumb is to while choosing a storage unit is to have more space then you need rather than not have enough space. Eventually and with time, you will fill it up with stuff you discard or keep away for another day. It’s best to speak with the storage rental manager and discuss your short term and long term requirements. You should do a walk through into the space before renting it out – don’t just take their word on it.


When planning to pack up and store your item always come up with a plan, don’t just stuff random stuff into boxes you have laying around. It’s useful to mark the boxes and place relevant items in relevant categories. Trust us! It might sound really time consuming, but in the long run you save up on so much more time and money as well. Similarly when placing items in storage, don’t think that this is the last you’ll see of them – you will eventually need them again so place items in order of importance so you know where what is! For example large items such as furniture will always go at the back.


When stacking your items into a storage facility use boxes rather than bags. Bags tear easily or disintegrate as they get older. They also look messy, and make it hard to find things. Plus, they can trap moisture and grow mildew. Using uniform size boxes allow you to easily stack items on top of each other, they can be labeled and if you use clear boxes you can easily see what’s inside.


If you’re storing your seasonal clothes it’s a great idea to use portable clothes racks or wardrobe boxes (available at Budget Storage), hanging your clothes ensure they are ready to wear and you can easily find what you need. Although if you do use rolling clothing racks be sure to cover the clothes with dust covers or breathable fabrics so they don’t get dusty.


This may seem obvious to avoid crushing lighter boxes, but it’s important to keep in mind when packing and stacking. Don’t overstuff any box so it’s heavier than you can comfortably lift. Put heavy items in smaller boxes and mark them as heavy.


A simple way to make your storage unit look and feel organized is to use shelving units to store your bins or boxes. Using shelves instead of stacking boxes prevents boxes from crushing each other, and makes it easier for you to get into all boxes if you need to. If you’re feeling handy you can make the shelving units yourself with plywood and 2x4s. Click here to learn how, or you can buy the shelving units at a hardware store and install them in your own self-storage unit.


Creating an aisle or row in your unit makes it easier to get into all boxes. This gives you space to walk around and find your items instead of just packing everything from corner to corner of your unit.


Make a map of the interior of your storage unit showing where each box is located. Make sure to create your map while your memory is still fresh. It’s a good idea to keep one copy of the map at home and another on the back of the door to your unit so you can easily locate items when you need them.

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