Dorm Room Organization Tips

Starting college is fast approaching and if you live in a dorm room which is the epitome of tiny living. Your brain may feel like a mess but that doesn't mean your room should look like one. We've put together some handy tips on how to see the forest through the trees and make the most of your tiny space including a video from Nifty on how they did a makeover on a dorm room.

1. Keep your cords tidy by attaching binder clips to your desk.

2 Use bed risers that double as a power source.

Use a Shelving Unit as a Head Board

Get shelves that are specifically designed to fit around the head of a twin-sized bed, as seen here on Her Campus. (You could also purchase a typical freestanding bookshelf and hack it by removing some of the shelves — but make sure that thing is sturdy before you put it above your bed!)

Set your Microwave on a Crate

Another idea from I Heart Organizing:  Use the space to store dishes and kitchen supplies. Click through to their website for even more dorm organizing ideas.

Use Command Hooks

Command hooks are a great way to provide a spot for oft-used things like headphones, keys, and laundry bags

Use a Mattress Caddy

If you don't have room for a bedside table, use a mattress caddy.

Use Ice Cube Tray for Jewelry Organizer

Use ice cube trays to keep your jewelry organized

Invest in a Laptop Lock

Protect your laptop when you need a bathroom break or if you just have a roommate who always forgets to the lock the door.

Divide a Under the Bed Organzier

Get a plastic under bed organizer (like this). Cut pieces of heavy posterboard to fit and divide by each weekday. Use it to plan out your weekly outfits in advance or which textbooks/notebooks you'll need for each day.

Use Plastic Pods

Use removable plastic pods to keep your toiletries organized

Shower Caddy

Use a shower caddy to organize your school supplies and save desk space.

Nifty Dorm Room Make Over

Storage Units

If you're finding it difficult to still fit all your items in your small dorm room, utilizing a small storage unit where you can change out seasonal clothes, store books your not currently using and other items is a great option. Call budget storage to find out about our affordable storage units in Calgary.

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