Heat Controlled Storage Facilities

The Benefits Of Heat Controlled Self-Storage Unit

At Budget Storage Calgary, we want to ensure your storage items remain safe and undamaged. At our facilities we not only provide video monitoring around the building 24/7 but we also provide heat controlled self storage to help ensure your precious goods like pianos and electronics are stored at the perfect temperature.

The benefits of a heat controlled storage provides an environment which is dry, comfortable and dust free and provides:

  • A stable temperature which helps prevent damage to items susceptible to hot and cold, including paper products, electronics, home furnishings, mattresses, and musical instruments.
  • Items such as furs and wine should be stored in slightly cooler temperatures.

Who Should Consider Heat Controlled Storage?

Heat controlled storage is the ideal option for any self storage needs, but it’s more necessary for some items. These include:

  • Furniture – Wooden furniture can dry out, shrink or even crack if it’s allowed to get too cold or swell and warp in hot temperatures. Upholstered furniture is prone to mold and mildew if it’s kept in hot temperatures over a long period of time.
  • Electronics – Everyone loves their gadgets. If you ever have to store any of your electronics, heat controlled storage will help protect those delicate items from extremes in temperature. This includes all household appliances as well.
  • Art – Paintings, drawings and photographs are particularly prone to damage from exposure to excessively hot, dry, cold or moist air. Stamps, sports cards and comic book collections are also items that should be kept in a heat controlled location.
  • Musical Instruments – Fine music is best made with well-maintained instruments. Having heat controlled storage will help prevent warping, cracking and rot of your instruments.
  • Documents – Archived records and documents are often irreplaceable. One of the greatest enemies of stored paper is its atmosphere. Too much moisture causes rot. Too little moisture causes printing to fade. Stored records are best kept in areas where a constant, moderate atmosphere.

Some of our clients that use our storage facilities include Calgary Piano Movers.