How a Storage Unit Can Help You Run Your Business

Self storage is normally thought of as a place where people keep their personal belongings such as furniture, seasonal items and collections that people don't have room for. However, storage units can also be useful for your business storage needs. Affordable units can offer a valuable resource for storing your business records, excess inventory, boxes and even old office furniture. Using a public storage facility can be a great solution for both large and small businesses alike.

For example, if you have stuff piled all over your work place and every nook and cranny packed full of things you don’t need right now a storage unit can help you organize the chaos and take back your work space so your company can run efficiently. Although paper is playing an ever smaller role in our lives, many companies and organizations continue to rely on it on a daily basis. Maybe it’s the diminutive size or the ubiquity of it, but paper has a way of piling up quickly – like extra weight, we tend not to notice until it’s turned into a real problem. Plus, many businesses don’t realize how much space all of that stuff you need to run your business takes up. Fortunately using a storage unit makes this an easy problem to solve, especially if you’re running a company from the limited confines of your house or garage. Filing cabinets are unlikely to be a practical or aesthetically pleasing addition to your home, and since the trend in furniture is generally toward minimalism, good-sized desk drawers come with drawbacks too.

Furthermore, as a business owner your responsibilities will grow with your company, and so will the space you may need to effectively operate in. With the prices of commercial properties at a premium, you may not be able to afford to move your business to a new location or build onto your existing. That’s where utilizing self-storage facilities can be advantageous to you and your growing business.

Benefits of using a Business Storage Unit:

  • SECURITY FOR IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS OR FILES: Not everyone has access to an enormous vault for the storage of sensitive business information, plus it's a good idea to keep back-ups offsite from your business in case of a fire so finding a self-storage location close to the office could be a viable option. STORAGE SPACE: So you operate a business that rents bouncy houses and don’t have a space to store them? Self storage units offer a secure space for you.
  • FILE STORAGE: Government regulation requires businesses keep certain documents for periods of time, often years. Free up space in your office by keeping your documents in self storage units. 
  • EXCESS STOCK: So you’re a furniture dealer and just received an order of 100 leather couches and have nowhere to store them? Or a carpet distributor and you have 100 rolls of shag carpet that you aren’t sure where to put? Self storage could be your answer.

Business Storage Advice

If you have decided to make use of a storage unit for your business there are a few things to consider when choosing the right business storage facility for your company.

  • HEAT-CONTROLLED: Before placing stock or documents in a storage space, consider the special needs that accompany them. Like many items, things like paper are susceptible to changes in humidity, meaning they hold up best in a heat-controlled storage unit. So you will want to ensure the facility you pick, such as Budget Storage Calgary, maintain control over the temperature levels to ensure moisture levels inside don’t get too high or too low, even with the changes in season outside.
  • BUFFER ZONE: Make sure you create a buffer zone in your storage space between the floor and your documents. Basic but reliable, wooden pallets work well to keep boxes off the concrete, which can trap and transmit moisture. Keeping containers well sealed will also help keep moisture out, so don’t settle for any old cardboard box. It may be tempting to stake out the local grocery store in a bid to save money, but the costs associated with damage caused by weak or moisture-laden boxes can easily wipe out any initial savings.
  • BOXES: Boxes constructed of strong, durable cardboard make for easier movement between your storage unit and your place of business, an absolute necessity if you plan on accessing documents regularly. During the organization process within the storage space, you’ll want to be sure that boxes don’t cave in easily. This way you can maximize space by stacking vertically, while at the same time ensuring that dust or other debris doesn’t make its way into one of the boxes should it lose its shape under pressure. Another great option is to add shelving units in your storage facility which will help you keep your documents free from moisture and make it easier to find items you may look for later on.
  • SECURITY: As a business owner considering self storage, you’ll naturally want to weigh privacy and security standards when deciding where to store. You want to be sure that any sensitive – or potentially incriminating – information is well protected against theft, without having your own access hampered. Much of the paperwork generated by a business is financial or private in nature, making a secure environment a must.
  • Whatever size your operation, there’s a space for you.  At Budget Storage Calgary we offer secure inside heat-controlled storage units at affordable rates that offer 24/7 security.  Also, if you plan to use one of our storage units for a significant amount of time, Budget Storage offers discounts on long term rentals.  Even if you are a small business  and your company starts to grow so you eventually move into a private office, you may still need a storage facility to house certain things. You’d be surprised how many businesses use self-storage. Businesses need extra space, just like regular folks.

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