How to make room for your Christmas Visitors

It’s lovely to have Christmas visitors, but a number of our customers who live in small houses without much storage or an apartment it can pose a dilemma. The question is where do you fit them and if you're pulling out Christmas decorations and need to move other furniture around then chances are you're trying to use your spare room, that is if you have one, which is probably your storage space for all your other unused stuff as well. So where do you put all your stuff and make your guest feel comfortable at the same time, a great solution is a temporary storage unit with Budget Storage Calgary.

Many of us play host to our families at Christmas. 2, 3 10 or maybe as many as 12 can arrive during the holiday period. Some stay for the day, others arrive on the 24th and leave three days later. However long they stay there is normally a host of bags and belongings that come with them. Whether it’s finding somewhere for them to sit or getting their things put away, your rooms become overcrowded. That problem could be easily solved if you declutter two weeks before Christmas and use one of our affordable storage units at Budget Storage Calgary to create space in the short term.

If your spare room also passes as an office/laundry drying room/dumping ground, you’ll need this time to clear your bits and pieces off the bed and floor and put them away. The important thing is clear the clutter out, so your guests can enjoy their stay and hosting this Christmas becomes less stressful and far more enjoyable.

We recommend that you take a little time before the holiday gets started and as you pull out your Christmas decorations do a clean out do a clean out at the same time. Get your items boxed and marked so they're easy to locate once and accessible when they're put in self-storage. The holidays will be here before you know it so it's time to stop procrastinating! When you start to clean out your closets you will be surprised by all the extra seasonal items that could be stored during the winter season. Find space you never thought you had in your downsized or smaller home, you may even decide to keep your unit after the holiday to store your seasonal items in the future and make use of your space at home!

Business Storage Units

We also have holiday solutions for the business community. For store owners who need storage for extra seasonal inventory, we recommend a larger storage unit since they give plenty of room for free-standing shelving, an ideal way to set up and safe-keep boxes of stock items before and after the holiday season.

Christmas Shopping & Storage Advice

A little trick I love to share before Christmas is to shop early to avoid the crowded malls, wrap your presents beforehand and include name-tags, then store these in Rubbermaid containers inside your storage unit. You can then easily pick up your wrapped gifts just before Christmas without your family members finding your hiding spot! My favorite tip of all is to be brave and go shopping on Boxing Day. There are so many deals on wrapping paper, decorations, holiday lights, and of course, even gifts for Christmas next year. So, when the season is over, all you have to do is just box your tree, the outside and indoor lights, all your decorations, and your Boxing Day purchases for next season, have everything neatly identified, and then safely stored in your unit at a Budget Storage Calgary.

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