How to Prepare Your Items for Storage

Get some great tips on how to prepare your items for a storage unit.

Whether you have excessive items, you’re moving home, or you temporarily need extra space, self storage is a popular option. You can’t just put your belongings in storage units. It’s important to prepare and protect them from any possible damage. Here are steps to take to prepare your items for Calgary storage units.

Stock Up on the Right Packing Materials

Many people try to keep the cost down by using old boxes, items of clothing for wrapping, and other unusual materials. If you want the best for your belongings, you need to make sure you have the right packing materials. Invest in solid boxes for everything and have bubble wrap on hand, especially for your glassware. Have boxes of different sizes to make sure you have room for everything you need to store.

Make sure you have the tools for dismantling your furniture, and store all the separate pieces carefully so you can assemble the items later. A great idea is putting all the parts into a zip lock bag, labelling it and attaching it to the furniture.

If you're storing some of your clothes group them together and use some white garbage bags to cover them. It's a good idea to buy a rolling clothes rack, you can sometimes find a used one on Kijjii to keep costs down.

Don’t move on from this step until it is complete. It may take a while and some extra planning but it will be worth it in the long run.

Cushion the Bottom of Your Boxes

Whenever you’re putting china or glassware in self storage, make sure you cushion the bottom of your boxes. Many people forget about this, and are then disappointed when the items at the very bottom come out cracked or broken. You can pad out the bottom with bubble wrap, clothing, or even towels.

Try to arrange the packing so your most breakable items are packed at the top as much as possible. This isn’t always something you can do, depending on the size of storage units and the items you have. Other options include buying a dish box or using paper plates in between each one of your dishes to ensure they stay safe.

Try to Break Down as Much as Possible

Flat packing your items is the best way to conserve space. Smaller Calgary storage units will cost less to rent out each month than a larger unit, so you will want to use up as little space as possible. Disassemble your beds, drawer units, TV stands, and desks if you can.

When you can’t break something down, use the space to your advantage. You can store boxes inside the wardrobe or within drawers, for example. If you can’t take the table down, use the space underneath it for some other items, as well as on top of it.

Please feel free to call one of Budget Storage friendly staff to help you decide on the best storage unit to fit your items or you can go to our personal self storage units page where you can view our range of storage unit sizes with handy images and descriptions showing what can fit into each storage unit space.

Make Sure Items Are Cleaned

When storing fridges, freezers, washing machines, and other similar appliances, make sure you clean them out. You can use vinegar and baking soda mixes for a natural cleanser to remove all the spillages, any signs of mould growth, and black spots (common in washing machine doors!).

Keep the doors slightly open in storage units to help with air circulation. This will prevent a smell build-up in the appliances and prevent any chance of mould growth.

Storage Planning

With proper planning when your using self-storage in one of the Calgary storage units, you will keep your belongings safe, clean, and free from damage. Follow the above tips to prepare for your storage needs as soon as possible.

Calgary Storage Units

Budget Storage offers a range of business and personal public storage units in a number of sizes to ensure we have the right size storage unit to match your needs.  Our storage facility is conveniently located just off of McKnight and Deerfoot and not far from the downtown area.  Our storage units are all indoors, heat controlled, dry with 24/7 security.  Call us today to find out about our affordable storage rates.

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