How to store your art like an expert

Are you a budding artist, artisan, or getting into crafts? Do you love to paint, draw, sculpt, take photos, make jewelry or things out of old tires? Have ideas and are constantly collecting found materials you want to use one day in a project that will change the course of humanity? Of course, you do! But who has the time, and who has the space to store all of that? There are some amazing storage cabinets such as this workbox (shown below) that will store tons of paints, beads, crafting items, etc...

If you are storing your items at home here are a few tips on how to ensure your art doesn't get damaged.

How to Choose the Right Storage Room

Turning a closet or small office into an art storage room is an option, but you need to know what to look for when choosing a room in your house. The room must be finished. Avoid attics or basements unless they are finished and have heat control. Be sure there are no air vents or open windows. If you find you have to use a storage unit and there is a vent in your storage space, you can speak to one of our representatives at Budget Storage Calgary about adding a deflective device so the air doesn’t blow directly on the artwork. You also want to be thoughtful about dust, mold, and any musty smells that could be the indicator of a bigger problem.

One final thing to avoid is storing your art in a room that has an exterior wall. Ideally, you will use a room that is completely inside the house. This eliminates the risk of windows bringing in sunlight and weather which can damage and fade artwork.

Don't have enough space in your house and need a place to store your art we have the perfect solution!

At Budget Storage Calgary, we have long offered affordable storage units that are clean, dry, and indoor for your art supplies and equipment, or your backlog of inventory as you prep for the next show or craft fair. Our range of unit sizes ensure ample room for cataloging and keeping inventories ready to pack and ship when required. And, we have all the packing materials you would ever need right on site—tissue paper, bubble wrap, foam packing, and more—so you can keep it safe and sound in storage, or in transit.

Are you selling tons of your work with international fame in your future? Then you’ll be happy knowing you can protect your pièce de resistance in-the-making, with our state of the art monitoring and security features, along with insurance coverage available at our facility. And, with our heat and dust controlled buildings, you don’t have to worry about damage to your creations – just in case you do have the next Mona Lisa in there…

How to Ensure Correct Documentation When Storing Art

Although there are basic practices you can follow to protect your artwork, if you’re storing it you need to be prepared for the worst. Archiving your collection before you pack it up is absolutely necessary for protecting yourself against damage or loss.

You will want to create a photo inventory and condition report for every single piece. For a museum condition report, typically the notebook travels with the exhibit, and the contents and condition are reported every time the crate is opened. That’s the ideal way to manage your art storage, so you can document any changes in the art or storage space over time. At the very least, you need a snapshot, description, and a notation of any existing damage.

Budget Storage Calgary

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