Ideas on how to Repurpose An Old Piano

The piano, just like most musical instruments, is a work of art. Everything needs to be perfect if you want the sound to be beautiful. This requires great precision and skill. But when a piano is old and no can no longer be used for playing, what can you do with it? It doesn't seem right to throw it away it would be a shame to do that considering how beautiful the piece is but when a piano is worn out not even donation centres can do anything with it.  

Here at Budget Storage Calgary we love the idea of repurposing old stuff to make something new and unique and we've got a few ideas for you and your old piano.

Make a Piano Bar

One of our favourite ideas is to take that worn out piano and turn it into a beautiful wine bar that you and your guests can enjoy.  In this picture you can see someone has made this piano into a wine bar with a ton of storage for your collection of wines.   

With the bar idea you can either keep it simple to keep the character and charm of the piano by just adding a coat of paint and some plants or you can also take your piano apart and give it a more radical makeover.

Change it into a Desk

Another great idea can be to repurpose an old piano into a desk for your home office. If you have a house with that vintage character something like this transformation can really add to your home decor as well as being a functional piece.  You have to decide how complex you want to be but you can add things such as storage draws, shelves and an area for you to hold your computer.

Tool Holder

If there’s no place or an old piano in your living room or home office, then perhaps you could use it in the garage as a customized place to serve as a storage unit for your tools. Have a pegboard installed on the back panel and add some hooks for your screwdrivers and other things.

Wall Decoration and Shelves

Need something to decorate your walls with, well this creative idea will fill up the space and works to hold books, photos, lamps and other items. In this the person choose to fill it vertically so it will stay flush with the wall. Plus they hollowed it out to make room for the shelves. Depending on your taste you can keep the keys for a bit of interest. Then last thing you need to ensure is that it's security on the wall since the piece will be heavy and could do a lot of damage if it fell.

Console Table

Need something smaller than a full size piano, then simply cut the piano and only use the front piece. This will allow you to turn it into either a wall mounted shelf or a small console table that you can put photo on.


Need some extra seating, how about taking an upright piano and turning it into a beautiful bench like this person did. Lots of people look to donate or give away pianos, get out your DIY tools and have a go a this fun project, you could have something stunning when your done.

A Garden Planter

If you have no room inside your home then perhaps you could find a place for it in the garden. It could be repurposed into a planter and it would look really beautiful and artistic. An piano in your garden would make a unique accent piece and focal point for the garden.

It's a good idea to seal it to protect it against the elements since it is wood and it will rot if left out in the rain and snow also make sure to add some kind of waterproof liner for the inside so you fill it with a range of plants.

You can really customize your outdoors piece, in the following image someone has created a stunning mosaic all over the piano to really make it an art piece for the garden.

You might want to consider if you leave on the cover of the piano, although it would be missing something it will be easier for the plants to get moisture and sunshine.

Last but not least, it’s up to you to decide where and how to organize the plants inside a repurposed piano. A cute idea is to have fresh grass growing between the keys. Of course, this also depends on the type of piano you have, its condition, size, etc.

Garden Planter & Waterfall

Always wanted a waterfall in your garden, just take that old piano you were going to throw it away and make it into a beautiful water feature. Water can fall down between the keys into a pond and flowers and plants can grow on top. Assuming the piano is old and in bad shape, you can have fun with it and stop worrying about water damage and other such things.

If you think the plants can’t handle that much water, you can have them placed in pots or turn the entire piano into a fountain. Your friends will love your creative ideas.

Fun Key Ideas

Maybe you've used your piano for some piece of furniture but still have the inside items like the keys left and your'e wondering what to do with them. Below are a few fun ideas that won't have you all keyed up. LOL

Storage Units Calgary

Have an old piano that you can't keep in your house but you don't have time yet to be creative yet.  A great solution is hiring a storage facility until you can get to those fun projects.  Budget Storage Calgary offers indoor storage units that are heat controlled so they won't damage your furniture including that old piano.  Give us a call to find out about our affordable rates and find the storage unit size that's right for you.  Our friendly staff are looking forward to hearing from you, give us a call today at (403) 274-1413.

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