Ideas on how to Repurpose your old Car Parts

At Budget Storage Calgary we love the idea of reusing your items that out of date or no longer work to create something new. It helps keep the landfills down and can lead to something new and creative that will wow your friends.

Usually the whole purpose of having a car is to get around, right? But what about after they’ve run their life as a useable vehicle? Cars are often sold for parts and scraps, which usually get melted down, added to a junkyard, or just simply thrown away. Thankfully there's a new trend and a number of people are starting to do really cool things with car parts. When you get creative, you can repurpose used car parts, creating furniture, artwork, and more. Let’s look at how some people have turned car parts into some pretty cool things.


You’d probably never even think about how your car can be made into a piece of furniture but take a look at some of the cool ways cars have been made into furniture:


Ever thought about bringing in the back seat of your old clunker to use as a couch? Here’s the result of a DIY project to turn the back section of a car into a new sofa.


This sink was made in a car hood. The design is old school and very hip! We’re pretty sure you would always want to wash your hands every time you’ll pass by it.


This old jeep turned into a desk will help want to work and get things done for the day, maybe even spend a few more hours on the computer and just hang around the area.


This vintage old truck is perfect for a cozy bed. Complete with the wheels and the tailgate, you will definitely feel like you are just sleeping in your truck dreaming about a road trip or a star gazing trip somewhere out there!

Other Creative Automotive Parts Design

Feeling like a piece of car furniture is a little too much for the house, how about some smaller creative ideas to add interest around the house or to decorate the man cave? Here's a few other ideas to give you some inspiration.


Chess Set


Side Table

Wine Rack

Store you Pieces in a Storage Unit

Now that you have your inspiration and a million ideas and a million parts the question is where do you store all of them while making your master pieces. Budget Storage Calgary has a number of storage units in a range of sizes all of them are dry, clean and heat controlled with 24/7 security to ensure all of your items stay safe. Take advantage of our great deal on at the moment where you can get up to 20% off the normal price on our storage units, a free month and a free lock if you sign up for 3 months today. Our friendly staff will help you choose the right space for you and ensure you're move in goes smoothly. Call us today to get a free quote on our public storage units at (403) 274-1413.

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