Six Space Saving Christmas Gift Ideas

Having trouble coming up with Christmas gift ideas for people have limited space? Here are some unique and helpful gifts that will help solve that problem.

Storage Unit

Probably not a gift you might have envisioned but it could truly be a blessing for people with limited space or for that person that has everything and nowhere to store it.

For example, if someone has a space-gobbling hobby such as model trains or weaving, they will be grateful to store finished projects, surplus materials or tools they have not used for a while. Or a dedicated storage unit works great for storing seasonal items such as all the lights and decorations for Christmas and is a brilliant way to reduce that yearly unpacking and packing chore. Those decorations will be safe and out of the way until needed. Additionally, they will be more accessible next Christmas season.

Call us today about renting a storage unit as a Christmas gift. All our units are affordable and the storage facility is indoors, clean, heat controlled and offers 24/7 security so you know it will be safe with us. Call us today at (403) 274-1413.

Sofa Arm Chair Table

A couch arm table is perfect for spaces where a side table just won't fit. There's a range available that not hold your cup while you're on the couch but you can also have them store anything from your remote controls to magazines. Check out Etsy for a range of these unique and handy gifts.

Computer Stand

Know someone who has a small desk space and needs some additional room. Sometimes the best way to save space is by going up. By raising your monitor off the desk, the stand creates additional space below to tuck your keyboard away, store paperwork or even hide cable clutter.

A Makeup Caddy

Great for the girl or lady who loves makeup but doesn't have a place to store her wide range of eyeshadows, nail polish, and lipsticks.

Wall-Mounted Floating Desk

These desks offer a versatile fit for most rooms of your home. You can place it in the living room, bedroom, or dorm. You can optimize your space with this innovative desk. This desk fits very well in any limited space, making it perfect for smaller environments. When you don't need to use it you can fold it away neat and compact. It is the perfect combination of form and function.

Slide Out Storage Tower

A Slide Out Storage Tower is the perfect solution to limited storage space in a kitchen, bathroom, garage, and more. If you know someone with a small kitchen that loves spices this handy storage solution will slide in-between their fridge and cabinet.

There are dozens of space-saving Christmas ideas that someone with little space would love. Happy shopping for all those fun gifts.

From everyone at Budget Storage we wish you and your family a happy holiday

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