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As spring takes hold across the country, college students are getting ready to cram for finals and counting down to summer break.

As summer break is just around the corner students are making plans for all the free time they'll have throughout June, July and August. Many of those who haven't landed jobs in and around Calgary will end up going back home for the summer, traveling or embarking on an internship opportunity in a different city. Some people may opt to go traveling to places like Europe or South East Asia to experience new cultures while others may have better luck finding jobs in Vancouver and Toronto due to the economic down turn in Alberta at the moment.

Question is what to do with all that stuff?

With so many students moving in and out of Calgary it can be difficult to figure out where to keep your stuff and what to do with it during the summer break. Sometimes, students may find themselves in a situation where their leases terminate at the end of May while their new ones don't begin until August. Other times, people choose to sublease their apartment for the summer while they're back home or traveling. 

This can create a quandary over where to store all the stuff accumulated over the past year. The sofa, piles of textbooks, television, entertainment center, winter clothing - all of it needs to go somewhere.

One option College students can choose is potentially selling their stuff online through sites like Kijiji, but it takes a lot of effort to weed out scams and find the right buyer. It can also eat up a lot of time that could otherwise be spent studying for finals or planning a summer internship. Plus, there's still probably going to be plenty of stuff that'll you'll need for next year.

Things could also be left with friends or be kept in an empty apartment for the summer, but that's no way to ensure everything remains safe. Then another option is bring bringing your stuff to and from your dorm at the beginning and end of a semester but this can be costly, time-consuming and stressful—for both students and parents.

The last and best of the options is to rent a storage unit which can provide a number of advantages rather than trying to sell stuff, bring it home or begging a friend to look after it.

  1. Save Yourself Some Money:  The cost of renting a moving truck to and from your home and paying for all of those miles adds up quickly. If you rent with Budget Storage Calgary we're conveniently located close to McKnight and Deerfoot so we're easy to get to and our storage unit are some of the lowest in town.  If you find a comparable self-storage unit that comes in cheaper we will beat their price if you bring us in proof.   Currently we're also offering a free month and a free lock when you sign up for a 3 month personal storage unit.
  2. Keep Your Items Safe: You might have the option of leaving your possessions in your dorm room or a friends apartment over the summer; but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. It’s very possible for your room to get broken into or your items could get damaged. Whereas if you rent a public storage unit from Budget Storage our storage facilities our equipped with 24/7 surveillance cameras and an alarm system, so you can be positive your items are kept safe. Our storage units are also inside and Heat-Controlled to ensure that sensitive items such as musical instruments, computer equipment and furniture stay in the condition you left them rather than getting damaged by water, pests or temperature fluctuations.
  3. Save Space: Using a storage unit for the summer months is great but if you also have a small dorm room things can get a bit cramped. It can give you a bit more space if you store items like extra books and off-season clothing to get some extra space in your cramped quarters.  We offer a range of self-storage unit sizes so you can pick the best size to fit your needs.
  4. We Keep Parents Happy: Chances are your parents would rather not pay for and drive an expensive moving truck, pack their car to the brim with your things—and keep them in their basement, garage or worse yet, in the living room. Book a storage unit with Budget Storage and to help simplify your life and keep your parents off your back. It's a quick drive to our facility, and we sell all the packing and moving items you need on site. Trust us you and your parents will be thankful for not having the extra hassle.
  5. Helps when finding a new Homes: For students who have recently graduated, renting a self-storage unit is also a great way to start the next chapter of life, especially for those who are perhaps moving in with a friend or into a smaller apartment until they find permanent housing. It's the best way to keep your stuff in a safe, accessible spot that's affordable.

Ideas on what to Store

Items that are perfect for summer storage away from school include:

  • Bedding - Living with your parents usually means they have plenty of bedding available in the guest room
  • School materials - Summer vacation means no school work. Leave the textbooks and notepaper stored away.
  • Furniture - Most college furniture is unnecessary when living at home with your parents. Store it away until you move back into the dorm or college apartment.
  • Clothing - Store away any heavy winter clothes that you know you will not need during the summer. Closet space is probably limited and should only be taken up by the clothes you will need while staying with your parents for the summer break.

Budget Storage is a family run storage business and we've been in the business over 24 years.  We want to ensure you know where a company that cares about you and your belongings. Give us a call today at (403) 274-1413 and our friendly staff will be happy to help you find the right storage unit size for your needs.  We are currently offering up to 20% off all our units, one month free and a free lock when you sign up for 3 months.  

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